Megan McAuliffe, North Carolina Registered Interior Designer, NCIDQ Certified, LEED AP

Senior Interiors Project Manager

Years Experience:


With Current Firm:


Professional Registrations, Accreditations, Certifications:

  • North Carolina Registered Interior Designer, NCIDQ Certified, LEED AP


  • B.S., East Carolina University - Major in Interior Design with a Minor in Business

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Megan joined iS design upon her graduation from East Carolina University.  She has since developed into an effective lead project designer as well as an accomplished project and client manager. She has been certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and is a LEED AP.  Megan manages all phases of a project including: programming and schematic design, construction documents, engineering coordination, finish selections and construction administration. She also specializes in BOMA area calculations, base building maintenance, and coordination of building marketing material.

Fun Fact:

Megan has swam across the world’s 2nd deepest blue hole (it was ranked #1 at the time; and yes, she was scared)

Favorite Things:

  • She likes unburying treasures at estate sales and thrift stores. (Please leave all vintage art and textiles in a pile at the door for her.)
  • She played a mean game of Tapper on her first computer, owned a Game Boy as a young whippersnapper and now cannot be pulled away from an arcade if you take her to one. (She wants all the tickets!!)
  • Her toe taps and her head nods when she hears blue grass music (Kentucky roots), but there’s a special grungey, alternative place in her heart for 90’s music.
  • She believes all movies should be under 2 hours.
  • She is on a critical mission to find the world’s best hot chocolate. (She’s starting local: #1 Lucette Grace, #2 Anisette).
  • Sometimes she gets requests to make this super time-consuming pineapple cake. She happily bakes it, but if it was up to her, it would be Rice Krispy Treats all day, all the time.
  • Sometimes, when the weather in North Carolina is nice, she heads out to bust some clays. (She currently does not hold the official Annie Oakley title, but she’s working on it.)
  • She likes furry, fat cats, the smell of burning camp fires, everything on the shelf at the bakery, the color navy and her favorite Christmas song is Hard Candy Christmas. (Go ahead and listen, you won’t regret it.)