With a design background and expertise across a broad spectrum of building types and markets, our architecture studio provides an additional recognizable asset to our clients: we enjoy a smaller studio size. This allows us to focus our attention on our client’s projects with knowledgeable and capable professionals with the know-how to make a difference. A noticeable difference. Our strength is bringing creative energy to the ground-up and renovation projects we pursue coupled with our experience and awareness of constructability as well as cost. This approach provides our clients with solutions that are aesthetically pleasing as well as practically expedient.

Our Process

Space Programming

Our programming process begins with listening. It is a process through which a designer leads a client to identify and articulate what the project’s objectives and constraints are for initial occupancy as well as for the foreseeable future. At the end of this exercise, iS design establishes the project design objectives, a list of your needs, wants and priorities in written and numerical form. The result is a detailed work plan that guides the planning and design effort. A well-executed programming phase can be invaluable to a successful project.

Due Diligence and Feasibility Services

This service begins in predesign with site evaluation and analysis designed to help determine a location’s suitability for the proposed project. Zoning regulations are investigated as are other considerations such as building code implications, local demographics and jurisdictional area plans.

Site and building concepts are developed based on the project’s space program and a project construction budget is generated using current building type industry unit cost standards for the selected location. If requested, presentation graphics can be created for presentation to government boards or building committees.

Code Analysis and Conformance

A core understanding of building code limitations and opportunities is often the basis for successfully conceiving and planning a project. This type of analysis requires an attention to detail that finds its basis in a clear knowledge of applicable codes and their potential project impact. iS design reviews relevant regulations and applies them to early project scoping decisions as well as the creation of permittable construction documents.

Master Planning

As the first step in realizing any significant development program, a well-designed master plan becomes a long-range roadmap integrating context, new construction, existing facilities, image, circulation, mixed uses and functional relationships into a cohesive whole. The finished product embodies the input of our design professionals in collaboration with the development team to capture the needs for today as well as incorporating a specific vision for the future. And by its very nature, it is an interactive process that evolves through the input of various stakeholders into a fully realized view toward what the site can ultimately become.

Architectural Building Design

Our approach is to begin by listening to our clients and the vision you have for your project. From that point, it becomes our goal to provide well-designed solutions that reflect the vision and aspirations of our clientele while providing the creative attributes and performance characteristics that exceed expectations. Our design process is a flexible and responsive service tailored to the unique objectives of every commission that walks in our door.
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3D Visualization

Understanding and communicating a project’s design intent and potential impact is an informative service we provide through three-dimensional rendering and computer modeling. The insight and understanding this service offers provides a valuable mechanism for visualizing the proposed design solution which empowers our clients with another tool for imagining and achieving their goals.

Construction Documents

iS design’s understanding of constructability issues forms the foundation for creating effective and accurate construction drawings. Superior architectural documentation can and does have a tremendous impact on construction cost control as it does the successful completion of the actual construction itself. iS design focuses on producing clear and comprehensive drawings and specifications that minimize issues during bidding and construction.

Construction Phase Services

The goal of this phase of the work is to support the process of construction by responding to questions, facilitating shop drawing review, interpreting the documents and certifying pay applications all while maintaining an ongoing understanding of the status of the work in the field. This activity is oriented toward assuring the work is completed as designed and providing services to the owner, contractor or construction manager as needed to avoid delays or project misunderstandings.

It is an important part of the process to have your project run smoothly during construction with a team approach to solving problems. That begins with the architect’s involvement and ends with a successful project.